Defense in Criminal Cases

Criminal defense lawyer Herminghaus – office Berlin-Moabit, Germany


I am a Berlin based lawyer focusing on criminal law. My office is located in the immediate vicinity of the criminal court building complex (Kriminalgericht) and the Moabit prison in Berlin-Tiergarten.
The building complex contains the state prosecutors offices and the offices of the various criminal court judges.

In case you come into conflict with german criminal law (e.g. concerning the following charges: dui, drugs (possession, manufactering, trafficking), hit-and-run, deliberate insult, property damage, larceny, theft, burglary, assault, manslaughter etc.) I am looking forward to representing you as your defense attorney in any criminal case concerning you in the Berlin area.

You should seek professional advice by a criminal defense lawyer e.g. in the following events:

  • preliminary investigation by public prosecution ("Ermittlungsverfahren")
  • detention by police ("vorläufige Festnahme")
  • pending arrest warrant ("Haftbefehl")
  • pre-trial custody ("Untersuchungshaft")
  • order of summary punishment ("Strafbefehl")

If you are in need of legal help as described above, call me:

  • phone: +49 (30) 95 59 93 11

Autor: S. Herminghaus